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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11022877212610822720157102*David HallFootscray United2017/2018D Grade4 1Kingsville
289241911261082263565589Adam PreeceFootscray United2017/2018North West A211 1Pascoe Vale Hadfield
38214352731261082263561882Muhammad Fahim ArshadFootscray United2017/2018North West A24 1Werribee Centrals
4743716011261082272017574John SmithFootscray United2017/2018D Grade10 1Kingsville
569287841261082263562569Janith WijesekaraFootscray United2017/2018North West A25 1Glenroy
6687401141261082262933968Lachlan MelicanFootscray United2017/2018North / West A14 1Werribee Centrals
766287721261082272017366*David HallFootscray United2017/2018D Grade9 1Melbourne Super Blues
86616579321261082262934666Avish PatelFootscray United2017/2018North / West A15 1Glenroy
96416579451261082272355064Anushka S ThanthiriFootscray United2017/2018T20 Round Robin - Racecourse2 1Maribyrnong Park St Marys
1062287841261082263561862Janith WijesekaraFootscray United2017/2018North West A24 1Werribee Centrals
1161973211261082262937961Frank HoangFootscray United2017/2018North / West A112 1St Francis de Sales
126013226681261082272015160Sash PetrouskiFootscray United2017/2018D Grade2 1Melbourne Super Blues
1358269321261082272017358Justin McDonaldFootscray United2017/2018D Grade9 1Melbourne Super Blues
145710792761261082272016157Zain ChikminyFootscray United2017/2018D Grade5 1Sunshine United
1556542671261082263564956*Michael CliffordFootscray United2017/2018North West A210 2Westmeadows
165316579321261082262935053Avish PatelFootscray United2017/2018North / West A16 1Kingsville
17538798201261082262936253Yaditha UshanFootscray United2017/2018North / West A18 1St Andrews
185314352731261082262937953Muhammad Fahim ArshadFootscray United2017/2018North / West A112 1St Francis de Sales
1952591281261082273779552Raphael KardachiFootscray United2017/2018D1 (One Day)1 1Melbourne Super Blues
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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